The Lakeridge ASK Campaign


Your contributions to our Lakeridge PTA helps support important programs and events for our students and Lakeridge community. (Learn more about your impact here.)




What is the lakeridge ask Campaign?


The Lakeridge Ask Campaign is the PTA’s main fundraiser for the year.  The money you donate to the Lakeridge PTA goes only to Lakeridge and is used to positively impact all kids, that year.


Rather than have numerous fundraisers throughout the year, the PTA asks up front for what the school needs for the whole year. Year after year, PTA members have found this is less confusing and less work for everyone involved.


Since this directly impacts Lakeridge kids this year, we strive for 100% family participation!





why is it critical to donate to the lakeridge ask?


Mercer Island School District (MISD) is perceived to be a fully funded, richly supported school system due to the top-rated, excellent education that students are provided every year.  However, perception is not reality. The reality is that state and federal governments do NOT fully fund the education that MISD students receive. YOUR PTA donations are the difference that sets our school apart and allows Lakeridge to provide the truly exceptional and enriched school experience that we all want for our kids.  Every dollar donated truly makes a difference!




what does my donation fund?


Your donation helps fund student support services, which would otherwise not be available to our students. In addition, your donation helps fund the many outstanding extra programs and curriculum enhancements that enrich the lives and education of our children. 


In order to maintain all the programs and services offered by the PTA, it is extremely important for every family to participate in the Lakeridge Ask Campaign. Donating to the Ask Campaign is your opportunity to make a real difference for your child at Lakeridge! 

Visit the Where Does Your Money Go? page to learn more.



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