3rd Grade Bike Rodeo


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about the 3rd-grade bike rodeo

bike tech

Every Fall, third graders are invited to participate in the Bicycle Rodeo. This bicycle event was developed by the Cascade Bicycle Club to promote safe bicycle riding. Participating in the program will be professional bicycle mechanics from Gerk’s Ski and Cycle and some of our own Mercer Island bicycle officers. 


After completing the Rodeo, children may ride their bikes to school with parental approval.

2019 Bike Rodeo: Thursday, September 26 @9:30am at Rainbow Park


Look for detailed information to be sent home with students.


What to know:

  • Drop Off: Labeled bikes and helmets can be dropped off before school on the day of Bike Rodeo.
  • Make sure to bring the following:
    • Bike: make sure the tires are fully inflated, and label it with your child's name.
    • Helmet: helmets will be checked for a proper fit at the Bike Rodeo.
    • Bike Lock: bikes will be left outside, unattended, after the Bike Rodeo. 
  • Pick Up: Your children can either ride home after school or you can pick up the bikes at 1:00pm from school after the Bike Rodeo. Bikes will be parked on school grounds (unattended) after the rodeo.





Join the fun and volunteer! We need many parents from each class to make the Bike Rodeo a success.  To volunteer, sign up at welcome coffee,  curriculum night,  or send an email to enrichment@lakeridgepta.org and provide your name, phone number and your child’s teacher.




Frequently asked questions

  • My child is nervous about riding their bike during the rodeo. What should I tell them?
    This is a non-stress event. The primary reason for the event is safety education, not a test. Some kids get worried because there is a course to ride bikes and their friends are watching. They can choose to ride or not ride the course during the event. 

  • Does my child have to bring their bike?
    No, but it is a lot of fun to have your bike. Several kids don’t have bikes each year. If they have a helmet though, bring it so they can get fitted.

  • Does my child need a lock?  
    You can use your own judgment. After the rodeo, the bikes are left UNATTENDED outside on school grounds. Locks are not part of the Bike Rodeo education. If you don’t use a lock, you do so at your own risk.


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