5th Grade Programs 


While 5th grade fees are paid by 5th grade families, our Lakeridge PTA volunteers and many 5th grade families help support these special program for our 5th grade students. 




about 5th grade programs


There are several exciting activities and programs for 5th graders throughout the year.


If you are interested in volunteering, please email 5thgrade@lakeridgepta.org.


FEES – because the 5th graders have extra events, there are extra costs!! For parents’ convenience, the 5th grade PTA fees are included in ‘Lakeridge Ask Campaign & School Fees’ Form sent out at the beginning of the year.




5TH grade musical


The 5th Grade Musical is an annual production involving all 5th grade students with the direction from Musical and Show directors.


Volunteering: The committee chairs work to recruit parent volunteers and help the 5th grade teachers to coordinate costumes, stage design, and event production in the early Spring.




5TH GRADe sweatshirts


The 5th grade sweatshirt is a tradition for all Island 5th graders (including Island Park, Northwood and West Mercer). Your child may purchase a Lakeridge keepsake sweatshirt with the names of all district fifth graders printed on the back. Many times for 6th grade musical performances, and the the all-class picture, they will have the kids wear their sweatshirts.



Sweatshirt details (Ordered as part of Shop form here):

  • Color: 2019-2020 color is still to be determined. Color is selected based on feedback from PTA leads from all four schools. For the last few years, the sweatshirts have been grey.
  • Size Chart: (Chest Measurement) Youth Large (30/32), Adult Small (34/36), Adult Medium (38/40), Adult Large (42/44), Adult XL (46/48). Please note there is no Youth XL as the Adult Small is very similar in size.
  • (BACK) Last name printed: If you know your child has the same last name as another student, you can request to have a first initial added. For example: H Thomas. This must be requested and will not be done automatically.
  • (FRONT) Full name printed in very tiny font: All kids from all elementary schools are printed on the front. You can opt out of having the last name on the back, the full name on the front, or both. Please pay close attention to these options when you complete the Fees/Ask form online.
  • Personalization: A lot of kids will opt to have their friends sign the back of their sweatshirts


Volunteering: The committee coordinates the data entry of all fifth graders’ names for printing on sweatshirts.  They create a contract with vendor to produce and deliver sweatshirts. They are responsible for distribution of fifth grade sweatshirts. This position works with the other island elementary schools to coordinate.




5TH Grade giving campaign


During the past few years, the kids have raised money to donate to a charity of their choice and/or leave a legacy gift to Lakeridge.

Volunteer Opportunities: The co-chairs with the student council, principal, and students to make this a meaningful experience.




5th grade slideshow


There is a slideshow that typically takes place during the all school musical at the end of the year.


Volunteering: The committee chairs are responsible for collecting the pictures of all 5th graders (one from kindergarten and one from 5th grade); work with school music director on timing of show.



5th grade end of school party


This celebration is a field day specifically designed and catered to our 5th grade students only in honor of their last days at Lakeridge. It is a time to sign yearbooks, participate in games and activities and socialize with friends.


Date: Details are still TBD.


Location: This event is held on campus.


Volunteer Opportunities: The committee chair recruits volunteers, plans the party, contracts the vendors and coordinates the end of the year festivities/carnival for students and staff.




5th grade music program


This is run by IMS band program. Your student will receive info in 4th grade about this.


Details: Click here for more info.




more information 


To learn more about what 5th grade families will receive, you can visit the Middle School Prep page for 5th grade families.