Walkers Club (Recess) 



Your contributions to our Lakeridge PTA and PTA volunteers help support this program for our students. (Learn more about your impact here.)




About walkers club


Walkers Club is an activity for kids during lunch recess. It does not require registration and is free.

For kids choosing to participate, they receive a tally card and walk around the school. Following a designated walking path, students can walk at recess earning tally marks for each lap walked. These tally marks add up to miles, which allow the students to earn various “token charms” for their charm chain.




2019-2020 Details


Dates and Times
Tuesdays and Thursdays during recess during selected weeks of the year.





We need volunteers to hand out their card, make a tally mark after completed laps, and monitor and encourage students as they walk around the school. It is a lot of fun and a good way to get to know the kids. You can volunteer for 1 or more days.


Will need volunteers to:

  • Set up the walking club table
  • Help the students check in
  • Record students' laps
  • Hand out the toe-token key chains
  • Additional volunteers can help man the course as well





To Volunteer, contact enrichment@lakeridgepta.org.