Science Fair - Frequently Asked Questions




frequently asked questions

Q:  How much should I help my child with the project?
A:  The student should lead the project and do the majority of the work.  That said, these are kids and they might need ideas, or there might be an opportunity for you to teach them how to organize information, etc.  We would encourage you to guide them but let them do as much of the work as they can.  They can always do more than we think!


Q:  Who can enter the Lakeridge Science Fair?
A: All Lakeridge students (K-5) may enter the Lakeridge Science Fair.


Q:  My child is a Kindergartner. Is she too young to participate?
A: We have several kindergarteners present their projects each year.


Q: What happened to the Mathematics and Environmental awards?

A: While we believe that both math and being aware of the environment are important aspects of STEM-based learning, the committee has decided to simplify the judging process for the parent volunteers. The judging session will focus on the student’s presentation and experimental findings. We do encourage students to use math or to take into consideration the environment when planning their projects.


Q: I do not have a STEM background, so I would not be a good volunteer judge, correct?

A: You would be a great judge! There are some fantastic and amazing projects that are presented each year, but really to be a judge at this event, you only need to be able to listen and ask questions related to what the children present. It is a really fun way to get to know the students at Lakeridge.


Q:  What if my child just wants to present his rock collection or his pet snake?
A: Many students start out by presenting his/her collections. Once they observe other projects and realize that most projects are not perfect, many will be encouraged to try an experiment on their own the following year.  Please note that live animals require prior approval of the Science Fair Committee.


Q:  What if my child does not want to participate? Could we just come and visit?
A: You can just come and enjoy the fair. There will be food, beverages and science-themed entertainment. They will learn something just from visiting their friends’ presentations. There will also be hands-on exhibits they can try.


Q:  Do I have to pay to enter?
A: No. There is no entry fee.  The PTA raises money to support the Science Fair through the sale of  project boards and t-shirts.


Q:  Is the Lakeridge Science Fair a competition?
A: The point of the Science Fair is to encourage an interest in science for every student at Lakeridege. As such, the Lakeridge Science Fair is non-competitive. Every student will receive one-on-one time with a judge, certificate, and a medal for taking part in the event. In order to maintain this as a school-wide event, there are no plans to have a competitive track.


Q:  Do I have to volunteer at the Science Fair?
A: Yes. Lakeridge Science Fair is completely run by parent volunteers. We need your help to run the event, therefore at least one volunteer per family is REQUIRED.  If you cannot help out at the event, there are other “behind the scenes” volunteer positions. Please contact the Lakeridge Science Fair co-chairs for other volunteer opportunities.


Q:  I am not a “science-type” of parent, so my children should not enter the science fair since I cannot help with the projects. True?
A: Wrong. You can ask everyday questions and come up with your unique way of answering your own question. That is what makes science fun: the freedom and independence to do what you want. So let the child ask the question, and let them come up with their own way of figuring it out. Let’s teach them science is fun by not being intimidated by “science”.


Q:  Could I just have my child go directly to Science Fair after school?
A: Unless you are there to supervise him/her, please do not have the child come to Science Fair directly from school. The volunteers will be busy setting up before the fair and cannot be responsible for the

safety of your children.


Q:  Could my child do a project with a friend?
A: Yes. Partner entries are accepted (maximum of 2 children) at the Science Fair. Make sure that each child can explain the project and had a share in the experimental part of the project (for example, not just the assembling of the poster). When you register, please only register once for both participants.


Q:  Where can I get a poster board for presentation?
A: You can order a project board during online entry (which we deliver to the classroom a couple weeks before) or purchase them from Office Depot, Michaels, etc. Our project board has a title board for added stability.


Q:  Do I have to buy a T-Shirt?
A: No, both T-Shirts and poster boards are optional. You have the opportunity to buy them when you register online. You can purchase a t-shirt for your partner if you want. If you don’t buy one at the time you register but then decide later that you want one, please don’t register again.


Q:  I need some project ideas. What should I do?
A: Check out the Project Examples page for a step-by-step example and links to other websites. Then, check out the previous entries page for prior years’ projects to give you an idea of what past students have done.


Q:  My experiment failed. What should I do?
A: Negative results are just as important as positive results. Many scientific discoveries come from “failed experiments”. Think about why it failed. What does that mean? What would you do differently next time? We are just as excited to see your negative results.


Q:  Could I still change my topic after I turned in my entry form?
A: Of course! Please let the committee know at as soon as you make your decision.