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Some Past Lakeridge Science Fair Entries


  • Kindergarten Project Titles: Bubbles; Growing plants;  Sea creatures habitat;  Dogs smell better;  The direction a motor turns; EnviroBattery; Germ-mania; Pink hair?; Volcanoes & the center of the earth; Chicken Skeleton; Venomous Animals; How are crystals made; Water drainage; Apple seeds; Flying paper; Static electricity; Balloon bouyancy; What’s the weather; Investigating temperature; Eureka Barbie; How the Titanic Sank; Bacteria in our World; Dish soap scatter; Rockets; Candy – which melts fastest?; What do I want to eat? McDonald’s or Homemade?

  • First Grade Project Titles: Camp sink; Magnets;How do your eyes see color?; How mold grows; Why do snakes shed their skin?; Skyscrapers; Space/the solar system; Density (water); What tricks stop automatic flushing toilets?; Static electricity; What is the best battery?; Chemistry of Pancakes; Dog treats; Bread mold; Geodes; Lemon-powered battery; Oceans; One ski or two?; How do you treat a broken bone?; How liquids move; Monster truck tires; Taste without smell; Avalanches; Electromagnets; Submarines; Happy Meal gone bad; How fast does water seep?;  Animal reflex

  • Second Grade Project Titles: Go solar; Experiments with gelatin-unraveling mysteries of Jell-o; Robot Arm with Platform; About the eye; Paper airplane paper; The digestive system; Acid or base?; Exploring pH in everyday life; Solar powered clock; Fruit and veggie batteries; A homemade compass; The floating grape; What attracts to a magnet?; Liquid destruction of teeth; Algae; How do eggs change in vinegar; Flash! 3 Strikes you’re out!; The wonders of homemade slime; How do fireflies light up?; Helicopters; Force/cylinders; Volcanoes and the center of the earth; Lemon powered clock; How do fireflies light up?; Friction and Lego car speed;Inside and Outside; Electricity; Influences on reaction time; Our Solar System

  • Third Grade Project Titles: Magnetic train; How do crystals form?; Tooth decay; Composition of food; Plant growth; EnviroBattery; How do you make ice cream?; Hamsters; Water quality-purification; Dirt differences; Static electricity; Toxins in cigarettes

  • Fourth Grade Project Titles: Solar electrical power;  Experiments with gelatin-unraveling mysteries of Jell-o; Planet and moon tracking; Crazy growing; The radio and how it works; Why do snakes shed their skin?; Solar bugs; Wireless network; Heart rate: you can beat it!!!; Mysteries of the telegraph

  • Fifth Grade Project Titles: Which material is the best thermal insulator?; Model of wind-powered car; Can rats be litter trained?; Hydroelectric power from my creek; The anatomy of carnivorous plants; How does the moon affect the tide?; Is solar power viable in Seattle for domestic use?; Introduction to human genetics; Which stores heat more efficiently, the ocean or the beach?; How much energy can different air foils produce?