Science Fair Rules






How you and your child conduct your experiments is up to you – be creative!


The following rules are to ensure the safety and enjoyment for all at the Lakeridge Science Fair.



  1. Safety first! Do not begin a project without adult supervision. Adult supervision is required in the use of any chemicals, flames, electricity, animals, poisonous plants, bacteria, fungi or any potentially dangerous equipment.
  2. Approval of your experiment is required for the following reasons: 
    • Any use of people or animals 
    • open liquids
    • dry ice
    • open food
    • animals or their parts
    • bacteria or fungi
    • operating equipment
    • oversize items
  3. The experiment display should:
    • Have a project board with project title, your name, grade, and a summary of your project (such as question, hypothesis, experimental design, results, and conclusions).
    • Stand independently (not against a wall).
    • Not be more than 30 inches deep and 48 inches wide (will stand on a 30-inch-high table)
    • Not have open flames  (no fire allowed)
    • Please note in the registration form if your project requires an electric outlet.
  4. Students MUST:
    • Set up the project on the day of the fair during the set-up time.
    • Provide all materials needed to set-up and display project (extension cords, tape, etc.)
    • Leave project on display until completion of the fair.
    • Remove project promptly at the end of the fair. Lakeridge PTA and MISD are not responsible for stolen or lost items.
  5. Parents MUST:
    • Limit your participation in the project to supervision.
    • Choose a volunteer position to assist with the operation of the science fair event. At least one adult volunteer per family is mandatory.